Ana de Armas Receives Deauville Fest’s Young Hollywood Award, Pays Homage to ‘Cinephile Grandfather’ Who Gave Her ‘Big Dreams’

Rolling off a banner world premiere of Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde” at the Venice Film Festival, Ana de Armas’s next stop was the Deauville Film Festival in France where she received the Hollywood Rising-Star Award on Friday (Sept.

9) in the jam-packed Palais des Congres.Attended by Dominik and the film’s producers, the ceremony was followed by the French premiere of the Netflix movie, in which de Armas delivers a riveting performance as Marilyn Monroe.De Armas, who notably starred in “Knives Out,” “No Time to Die” and “Grey Man,” succeeds Dylan Penn, Sophie Turner, Elle Fanning and Shailene Woodley as recent recipients of the Hollywood Rising Star Award.Dressed in a long white dress with golden ornaments, the Cuban-born actor said she “grew up with very little but had a grandfather who was a cinephile.”“I was about 10 years old when almost every night my grandfather and I

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