Andor star Diego Luna: ‘I thought I could do whatever I wanted after Rogue One. I was naive’

As the Mexican actor reprises the role of Cassian Andor for the latest Star Wars spin-off, he talks about the the ups and downs of working with the franchise, and the film that made his name, Y Tu Mamá TambiénDiego Luna is video-calling from his home in Mexico.

“I’m sneaking out of the family breakfast to speak to you,” says the 42-year-old actor, holding up his phone so I can see his two children and assorted other figures in the dining room behind him as he wanders into the garden.

Noticing that the wifi is unstable, he turns off the camera.

“But first I wanted to show you my face,” he laughs, “so you can make sure it’s really me.”It’s him all right.

He may be wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap but the boyish grin is unmistakable, and unchanged since the 2001 road movie that

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