Andrea Riseborough Helped Brandon Cronenberg Get His Plans For Possessor Past The Producers

Possessor” is a mind-bending, face-melting thriller about the very thin line between the human body and brain.

The film, which centers on an assassin who enters other people’s consciousnesses in order to carry out her missions, features plenty of trippy imagery as a psychological battle rages between the titular possessor and the possessed.

True to the Cronenberg name, this includes bodily distortions ranging from the surreal to the gnarly and everything in between.

The film’s producers, however, were particularly uncomfortable with one effect that highlights the morphing of the psyches by giving lead assassin Tasya Vos a penis.

The scene remained because both Brandon Cronenberg and Andrea Riseborough, who played Vos, thought of the idea without even telling each other.The uncut version of “Possessor,” which is now the release that’s most commonly available for viewing, features more violence and gore than in its theatrical run.

It was an issue with nudity,

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