Andrew Stanton Had To Fight For Buzz To Go Into Spanish Mode In Toy Story 3 [Comic-Con]

The “Toy Story” franchise is known for its Randy Newman theme song, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” but apparently, the Spanish Buzz Lightyear who appears in “Toy Story 3” did not have a friend in everyone as the movie was being made.

Lucky for him, he had Andrew Stanton in his corner.As a director, Stanton’s Pixar pedigree speaks for itself: He helmed “Finding Nemo,” “Wall-e,” and “Finding Dory.” In addition, he co-wrote the screenplay for three of the four “Toy Story” films, with “Toy Story 3” being the one outlier where he received a “story by” co-credit — not to mention…The post Andrew Stanton Had to Fight For Buzz to Go Into Spanish Mode in Toy Story 3 [Comic-Con] appeared first on /Film.

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