Ang Lee on ‘Gemini Man’ and De-Aging Will Smith

On paper, Ang Lee’s “Gemini Man” is a standard-issue, shoot ’em up with Will Smith playing a deadly assassin who must battle a younger clone of himself.

The explosions and gun battles aren’t what drew Lee to the project, even if they’re the reason that most people will show up at theaters when it opens on October 11.Instead, he leapt at “Gemini Man” because it gave him a chance to experiment with the high frame rates and 3D filmmaking he previously deployed to polarizing effect in 2016’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.”“I believe in it,” Lee said in an interview shortly after screening “Gemini Man” for a group of New York City journalists.

“It’s a new medium.

It’s full of potential.

It’s a new language.

If it’s not me, somebody else will figure it out.”Lee believes that the higher frame

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