Ann Dowd Explains How She Learned to Embrace Difficult Material, from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to ‘Mass’

In 2017, Ann Dowd was nominated for both “The Leftovers” and “Handmaid’s Tale,” which she won.

It changed her life.

After decades of working under the radar, she didn’t have to audition anymore.

In an interview, she described the experience of entering into “that kind of arena where there’s visibility.”It took 30 years for the veteran New York stage actress to break out in movies with her role as a rule-following manager in Craig Zobel’s Sundance hit “Compliance.” She’s all for the slow burn of her career.

“Age is underrated,” Dowd said.

“What you get as you grow older, if you’re willing to listen: ‘Let’s keep the focus on the work.’”Now Dowd is back in the film spotlight again for her exemplary work in first-time writer-director Fran Kranz’s Parkland-inspired Sundance four-hander “Mass.” Working with three theater actors in an intense

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