Annie Clark Unzips Her St. Vincent Persona for Meta Mockumentary ‘The Nowhere Inn’

Annie Clark unzipped out of her St.

Vincent musical persona more nakedly than ever with the release of the 2017 album “Masseduction,” a chronicle of fame and excess that deals in drugs, sex, and broken relationships.

While Clark argues that “you do know me if you listen to my music,” as the former Polyphonic Spree guitarist turned divine solo act explained to IndieWire, that album offered listeners a more raw St.

Vincent than they’d heard before, especially in the aftermath of high-profile romances with stars like Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne.Now, the singer/songwriter has stepped into the world of acting and screenwriting with her new film “The Nowhere Inn,” co-written with her pal Carrie Brownstein (herself a musician as part of Sleater-Kinney) and directed by Bill Benz (who worked with Brownstein on “Portlandia”).

The trio dives into the modern madness of fame through the prism of a mock

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