‘Annihilation’ Deleted Scene: Alex Garland Reveals the 10 Minutes He Cut From Theatrical Release

With Alex Garland’s “Annihilation’ now playing in theaters nationwide, Paramount has been largely praised for allowing the science-fiction auteur to stay true to his vision despite fears from executives the film would be too polarizing for audiences.

The director’s theatrical cut is nearly identical to what he envisioned in the script, aside from one small set piece.

Garland tells Collider that only one major sequence was cut from the movie.Read More: ‘Annihilation’ on Netflix: Moviegoers Need to Take Responsibility For Paramount’s Controversial Deal“A whole sequence got cut actually really early in the edit, and that just took like ten minutes off, just like that,” Garland said, but he stressed that no other major moments or set pieces were removed.

“The rest of it was really just about refining it, zeroing on in the intention in a scene and making it just tight.”The deleted

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