Anonymous Emmy Ballot: Network Executive Says Broadcast Series Should Win Because They Produce More Episodes

ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox recently sealed a new deal with the TV Academy to keep rotating who telecasts the Emmys every year.

And yet, the broadcasters are mostly shut out of the major scripted categories.

Some pundits argue that it doesn’t make sense to serve as a marketing tool for streaming and premium cable for three hours on their own air, but the networks are bound by tradition — and the hope that enough people will still watch that it’s worth airing on the eve of the new fall season as a marketing tool.Nonetheless, it’s been pointed out quite a bit over the years that the broadcast networks are at a disadvantage, as their top shows often run 24, or more, episodes per season.

To pit that kind of output up against a show with an 8- or 10-episode order seems a bit unfair.

CBS and “The Good Wife

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