‘Antebellum’ Directors on Using ‘Gone with the Wind’ to Re-Cast the Narrative

While the premise of “Antebellum” has been shrouded in mystery, activist filmmakers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz (credited as Bush + Renz) worked with their crew to deliver a wild ride delving into the current climate of racism.In choosing to deal with the pandemic situation, “Antebellum” will only be available on VOD in the United States, beginning Sept.

18, even though it will see a theatrical release internationally.

“It’s still not the same,” Bush says, “Because the movie is for America.”“We consider ourselves activists who use art to communicate our very specific point of view and amplifying a host of issues that felt urgent,” says Bush, who worked with his partner and crew to deliver the story of an accomplished woman trapped in a horrifying reality.Janelle Monáe stars as Veronica Henley, the woman caught in this mind-bending mystery somehow connecting to Eden (also Monáe), a Civil War-era enslaved woman.

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