Anthems, girl power and redemption: how Frozen ticked all the right boxes

It has been six years since my young family first fell for Disney’s heroine Elsa.

Can my children – or their mother – resist the sequel?No matter how many times we were told, we wouldn’t let it go.

And so Frozen is back.

Not that the earworm of the century was going to die anyway, with the official YouTube video of Let It Go at 1.8 billion views and counting, six years on from the original film.This week sees the opening of Frozen II, a launch long awaited by seven-year-olds who want to be ice-pick-wielding princesses and long dreaded by parents who have only just about got over the psychological scars caused by the soundtrack of the first film: “I mean it’s crazy…” “What?” “We finish each other’s sandwiches…” How those words linger in what is left of my mind.

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