‘Archer: 1999’ Posed Many of the Show’s Greatest Challenges — Now Comes Season 11

When working in animation, if not television in general, producers get used to dealing with problems.

Script changes, talent availability, technical issues — no matter what it is, it’s always something.But today’s recurring surprises stem from novel circumstances, and for the ever-hilarious “Archer” team, such unprecedented challenges call for unprecedented jokes.

“Every other day, some sort of giant problem crops up because of working from home and coronavirus and whatever,” executive producer Casey Willis said.

“So we have a [running] joke: ‘What’s that? Oh, now bears are attacking us? Well, I guess we’ve got to figure out bears now.’”Willis, executive producer Matt Thompson, and many more artisans are still hard at work to complete “Archer” Season 11.

The latest from FX’s Emmy-winning team was scheduled to debut in May, before the pandemic delayed (or shut down) a majority of ongoing productions.“One of the things

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