‘Archer’ Season 11: Returning to Spy Roots After the Genre-Hopping Coma Trilogy

In Season 11 “Archer,” Fxx’s Emmy-winning, adult animated sitcom, returned to the world of spies after a genre-hopping, delirious, three-year coma.

But, of course, Sterling Archer’s (H.

Jon Benjamin) return to consciousness was a shock to his overblown ego.

He was suddenly like a fish out of water — out of sync, out of shape, and even more clueless — trying to cope with the fact that his dysfunctional colleagues were more efficient without him.At the same time, the Atlanta-based Floyd County Productions had to make some adjustments as well.

Creator Adam Reed stepped further into the background after providing the premise to pursue other projects, which gave more creative control to executive producers Casey Willis and Matt Thompson, who also directed the Sony/Netflix animated feature, “America: The Motion Picture,” produced by “Spider-Verse’s” Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

They consequently divided the scripts among five writers.

“Adam and

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