Argentina’s Sebastian Schindel To Helm RomCom/Spy Adventure Hybrid ‘Mienteme’ (Exclusive)

Argentina’s Sebastian Schindel is venturing into unfamiliar territory with romcom-spy adventure hybrid “Mienteme” (“Lie to Me”), which he plans to shoot next year.“Although most of my filmography falls into the “psychological thriller” genre, with a strong social context, what excites me most about making films is the possibility of exploring and experimenting in new areas,” said Schindel, adding: “I have always wanted to dive into the romantic comedy world for some time now, so ‘Mienteme’ is based on a cherished script I’ve been developing for the past few years.”Schindel’s past films, including “The Crimes that Bind,” Argentina’s current submission to Spain’s Oscar equivalent, the Goyas, are screening on Netflix.This time round, however, the Chilean-Argentine co-production has already been pre-financed through private equity and a Latin American distribution deal with Bf Paris, said co-producer-actor Lucas Akoskin.

“We’d rather finance it through a

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