Ari Aster Has the Best Outlook on Getting D+ CinemaScore: ‘God Bless Them’

No filmmaker wants his or her film to earn a D CinemaScore, but Ari Aster refuses to be disappointed by the letter grade.

The writer-director’s feature debut “Hereditary” opened nationwide in June 2018 and got slammed with a D+ grade from moviegoers.

CinemaScore determines grades by polling select opening night audiences, so lower-graded films are often those that don’t meet fan expectations.

A24 did not give “Hereditary” a traditional indie platform release, a risky move since Aster’s vision was far from the kind of mainstream horror film that often opens in theaters nationwide.Aster recently joined “The Witch” director on the A24 “Deep Cuts” podcast to talk about the polarizing responses to their horror films.

Aster’s latest, “Midsommar,” also opened nationwide from A24 and fared a bit better with a C+ CinemaScore grade.

Eggers’ “The Witch” was also a CinemaScore sticker with a C- grade in 2016.


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