‘Army of the Dead’: Zack and Deborah Snyder Discuss the Long Road to Making the Zombie Epic

Zack Snyder’s new apocalyptic epic “Army of the Dead” almost didn’t happen.“Quite frankly, this movie wouldn’t have gotten made had it not been for Netflix because it sat at Warner Bros.

for years and years,” producer Deborah Snyder said in a panel discussion on Friday.When asked why, Deborah Snyder said the film “couldn’t be figured out” due to budgetary reasons and “maybe not as much of an appetite.”But, when Netflix came along, it was full speed ahead.

“I’ll tell you that Netflix has been really cool,” director Zack Snyder said.

“They came to me, like, we’re happy to make this movie for your TV.”The movie hits the streamer on May 21 and opened in theaters yesterday.

To celebrate the film, the newly renovated Landmark Westwood Theatre held a Q&a on May 14 in Los Angeles, Calif.

moderated by film critic Pete Hammond.

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