Army of Thieves review – fun Netflix prequel swaps horror for more heists

Zack Snyder’s surprisingly effective zombie caper Army of the Dead gets a zippy prequel that follows Matthias Schweighöfer’s unlikely safecrackerThere was a surprising amount of fun to be had in this summer’s gory zombie romp Army of the Dead, a film that turned the not-hugely-enticing prospect of Zack Snyder working with Netflix into something strangely hard-to-deny.

It was his most ebulliently entertaining offering for years, and rightly predicting its popularity (it quickly became one of the streamer’s most-watched films ever), Snyder started developing a prequel called Army of Thieves months before it had even landed.The result is an unusual one, switching genre and director but maintaining the same rambunctious energy, a zippy adventure that pushes zombies to the background.

While Army of the Dead was a horror movie with a heist, Army of Thieves is a heist movie without any horror, more formulaic and

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