As Los Angeles-Adjacent Theaters Close Again, Exhibitor Hopes Remain Pinned to ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

More than anything, domestic theaters want to know that Warner Bros.

will keep its December 25 release of “Wonder Woman 1984.” Diana Prince is a beacon of hope as exhibition continues to be battered by decisions and policies beyond its control, but sources say Warners’ final call comes down to opening theaters in Los Angeles and New York.

Current events suggest there is no guarantee that both will be fully open.After a surge of reported Covid-19 cases, two California counties saw their restrictions elevated to the highest level.

That means theater closures in Riverside County.

(2.4 million people) just to the east of Los Angeles, as well as the far north Shasta County (major city Redding).The state’s order, which goes into effect Friday, will last at least three weeks; it could suggest other states may follow suit if they see cases increase.

This is also true outside the U.

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