Ash Christian, Emmy-Winning Producer and Actor, Dies at 35

Ash Christian, an Emmy award-winning producer, actor, filmmaker and founder of Cranium Entertainment, died in his sleep on Thursday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

He was 35.Born on Jan.

16, 1985, in Paris, Tex., Christian began writing and directing short films at the age of 14, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams just two years later.

He wrote, directed and starred in his first feature film, “Fat Girls,” in 2006 at just 19 years old.

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won an award for outstanding emerging talent at L.A.

Outfest.In 2014, Christian won a Daytime Emmy for outstanding special-class short-format daytime program for “mI Promise.” He shared the award with his producing partner Anne Clements and executive producers Lauralee Bell and Scott Martin.Christian went on to act in several television shows including “The Good Fight,” “The Good Wife” and “Law and Order,” but found his true calling with production.

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