Australia’s ‘Kid Snow, ‘Petrol’ and ‘Memoirs of a Snail’ to Shoot After Receiving Funding

Federal funding body Screen Australia confirmed its backing for a trio of Australian film projects that will now move forward into production.

Director Robert Connolly (“The Dry”) is behind two of them as producer.The funding decisions ensure that a steady stream of local films move into production, alongside the large volume of international films and TV series that are currently in Australia, taking advantage of generous incentives and good coronavirus control conditions.Set in 1970’s Western Australia, “Kid Snow” is a drama about a washed-up Irish boxer who is offered a rematch against a man he fought 10 years ago, on a night that changed his life forever.

He is faced with a chance to redeem himself when he meets a single mother and is forced to contemplate a future beyond boxing.The film is directed by Paul Goldman (“Suburban Mayhem”) and written by John Brumpton (“Life”), Phillip Gwynne (“Australian Rules

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