‘Bad Sisters’ Review: Sharon Horgan’s Murder Mystery Is a Sharp Family Story Spread a Little Thin

The thing that makes “Bad Sisters” so tricky is that the Garvey family alone could fuel multiple seasons.

The collection of sisters at the heart of the newest Apple TV+ drama are all distinct women with their own lives, bound by more than just hatred for a loathsome man.The opening hour of “Bad Sisters” introduces us to them all in clear, efficient fashion.

There’s Eva (Sharon Horgan), the confident businesswoman who’s served as the mother figure to the rest since the death of their parents.

Ursula (Eva Birthistle) is raising her own kids while juggling a hospital job and various other outside interests.

Though many of them are resolute and inclined toward defending the group, Bibi (Sarah Greene) is the Garvey sister who most follows both those instincts.

Becka (Eve Hewson) is the youngest, with a freewheeling life only partly taken up by her massage practice.This

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