‘Bad Trip’ Review: Eric Andre’s Raunchy, Riotous Prank Terrorizes America

It’s a romantic comedy cliché: Boy goes on outrageous quest to win back the girl of his dreams, an adventure fueled by derring-do and impassioned speeches that gain urgency as the violins swell.

Onscreen, those manic you-complete-me moments make audiences swoon.

But in reality, they’d look like “Bad Trip,” Directed by Kitao Sakurai and produced by “Jackass” co-creator Jeff Tremaine, “Bad Trip” hands lovelorn loser Chris a safe word (“popcorn”) and the keys to a hot pink Crown Victoria, and sets the comedian loose to terrorize unsuspecting bystanders along a northbound interstate from Florida to Manhattan, where he intends to profess his love to his middle school crush Maria (Michaela Conlin of “Bones”).Riding shotgun is Lil Rey Howery as Chris’ best friend Bud, and on their trail storms a terrifyingly incognito Tiffany Haddish, tatted and volatile, posing as Bud’s older sister Trina, a sociopathic prison escapee

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