‘Ballers’ Superfan Elizabeth Warren Says She’d Love Dwayne Johnson to Run for President

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is a known fan of HBO’s “Ballers.” The bro-centric football comedy even paid tribute to the politician in the show’s Season 5 premiere, with star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seen reading a copy of her 2017 book “The Fight Is Our Fight.”In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Warren dished on all things “Ballers,” which retires this season.

“Why would people be surprised that I like ‘Ballers?’ It’s got The Rock! What’s not to love?” she said.

“It’s an interesting story that’s different from much of what’s on television.

The issues they’ve tackled on ‘Ballers’ are real.”It’s long been bandied about that Johnson might one day run for president, and the actor even confirmed it himself at the recent Los Angeles Comic Con.

“I think the ‘People’s President’ has a really nice ring to it.

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