‘Beauty’ Review: Lena Waithe and Andrew Dosunmu’s Music Drama Hits All the Wrong Notes

The fantasy, power, and impact of the music industry has been well-documented in motion pictures.

This very minute, audiences can go to a theater and learn all about the highs and lows of musical icon Elvis Presley.

It’s difficult to craft something original from a world littered with as many success stories as horror stories, many of them already told (and told again) on screens both big and small.And it’s even more difficult to do that when your main character — presented as a generational talent deserving of her own cinematic event — never actually sings a song.

Such is the case with screenwriter Lena Waithe’s new Netflix musical drama “Beauty.” Though heavily inspired by the life of Whitney Houston, enough that it may well qualify as something of an unauthorized biopic of the massive musical star,Starting in the late-’70s, Beauty (Gracie Marie Bradley) follows a

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