Before John Wick, Ana de Armas & Keanu Reeves Starred in This Erotic Horror

In 2015, Keanu Reeves’ career was on a big upswing.

There had been a period of time in the 2000s when his career had sputtered a bit with a series of underwhelming films.

The public’s love for Reeves hadn’t ceased at all, but his star power looked to be on the decline.

Then came John Wick in 2014, a film that at first looked to be a case of another aging star in a shoot ’em up action movie, but turned out to be so much more.

It was a challenge for Reeves, but perhaps his ultimate challenge would come the following year with his next film co-starring fellow soon-to-be John Wick universe actress Ana de Armas — Knock Knock.

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