Before ‘The Boogeyman,’ Rob Savage Made the Scariest Horror Movie Ever

Rob Savage is about to hit cinemas in a big way with his adaptation of Stephen King’s short story, The Boogeyman.

One of the most anticipated horror releases of the year, The Boogeyman is sure to get horror lovers and tempted scaredy-cats alike back in cinemas.

This might be Savage’s first theatrical, major release, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t harnessed his skills.

Despite being only 31, Savage already announced that he was a name in horror to be excited about with his 2020 release, the Shudder original, Host.

Despite being just under an hour (a short film if you ask Almodóvar), this movie packs in so much fear, dread, excitement, and downright terror all in such a fleeting amount of time.

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