Ben Stiller Uses His Kids as a ‘Focus Group’ for ‘Severance’ Storylines

Ben Stiller is making his family dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge any spoilers about “Severance” Season 2.The director and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated AppleTV+ series revealed to People magazine that he asks kids Ella, 20, and Quinlin, 17, to be a “focus group” for “Severance” plotlines…but his family would much rather Stiller undergo a Lumon severed procedure to keep his work and home life separate and avoid any Season 2 spoilers.“My kids were sort of the first test screening for me in terms of when I was editing episodes,” Stiller shared.

“I would show them and they started to get into it.

I showed them at different times, but it was fun to have them as kind of a focus group to see what they reacted to.”Yet as Stiller works on Season 2, his kids don’t want any spoilers.“We have this ongoing debate about spoilers because I

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