Best Buzzfeed Unsolved Episodes to Watch While Waiting for More Ghost Files

Buzzfeed Unsolved is perhaps one of the most beloved ghost-hunting shows of the last decade.

Garnering a ravenous following on social media due to their uniquely tongue-in-cheek and straightforward approach to ghost hunting, Buzzfeed Unsolved quickly elevated itself above being a simple web series.

The thoughtful yet comedic delivery of research and the electric chemistry between skeptic Shane Madej and believer Ryan Bergara turned this show into an internet darling.

The show was a massive success in both its Supernatural and True Crime variants but when the boys announced they would be leaving Buzzfeed to start their own company, Watcher, with fellow Buzzfeed alum Steven Lim, fans were devastated they’d have to say goodbye to the Ghoul Boys.

Luckily for us, shortly after branching off on their own Ryan and Shane announced a new ghost hunting show under their own banner: Ghost Files.

The new show takes the building

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