Best Mafia Anime for Fans of Crime and Action Movies

In anime, stories of the mafia and organized crime are popular ones, and for fans of The Godfather and Goodfellas, what anime has to offer in its depiction of the underworld is definitely worth checking out.

The thrill, the action sequences, the suspense, the cold-blooded mercenaries, the greedy dons — they all make for a captivating story that we’re not likely to forget, because the mystic around the mafia always leaves us questioning who is really running our world… But the way that anime illustrates the underworld presents a commonality, which is their representation of the antihero.

Alongside all those rich, murdering bad guys who want to rule the world, come the antiheroes who exist to stop them.

And despite being thrust against their will into the cruel world of bloodshed and corruption, the antihero refuses to submit, choosing to love and die rather than hate and rule.

And so

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