Beth’s Latest Fight on ‘Yellowstone’ Demonstrates Problem with How Show Sees Women

On Sunday night’s “Yellowstone” Beth Dutton got into a fight.

That’s certainly nothing new for the Taylor Sheridan-created character.

What is new is how this week’s fight played into how the series has treated Beth, and the other women on the show, this season.

In Episode 5, “Watch ‘Em Ride Away,” Beth’s anger and animosity to Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) came to a head.

It also led to a lot of eye-rolling from many of those viewing it because the series itself seems to be getting annoyed with Beth and, out of ideas, is attempting to drastically change the character.Right now, Beth is being retconned from fiery avenging angel to confused, emotional mess — and that doesn’t work.

Take Beth’s problems with environmental activist Higgins.

Summer decried everything the Yellowstone was about but, equally crucial, she caught the eye of Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton

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