‘Better Things’: Pamela Adlon on the Secret Plan Behind Her Jaw-Dropping Dance Scene and a Surprise ‘Coach’ for Season 3

Pamela Adlon spent months planning the perfect surprise for the Season 2 finale of “Better Things” — and not just in the series, but in real life, too.

Pages from the script were hidden, cover stories were established, and secret weekend rehearsals were held, all to capture an authentic reaction from actress Mikey Madison when her character got a very special graduation gift from her onscreen mother and off-screen showrunner, Adlon.Then her back went out.“I didn’t know it at the time, but I’d never had a feeling like that,” Adlon said in an interview with IndieWire.

“I slipped my disc! And I actually shot another 12 hours that day.”Why? In part, because Adlon didn’t realize the extent of her injury at the time, but it’s also because she wasn’t just acting in the scene.

She also directed the episode, as well as every other entry

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