‘Betty’ Season 2 Trailer: More Skating and a Renewed Quest for Meaning

Last year Crystal Moselle dazzled audiences with “Betty,” a six-episode adaptation of her 2018 feature film “Skate Kitchen.” Now, the crew is back for Season 2 and there looks to be plenty more skateboarding, as well as an increased desire to find relationships and individual identity.As the trailer shows, the same New York-based female skateboarders are back with a desire to make a new video showing off their skills.

Unfortunately for them, they’ve just lost the lease to their building.

Each of the girls is going through struggles with regards to finding love or a job, and through it all the bigger examination is: When is skateboarding just enough?The same cast from Season 1, as well as “Skate Kitchen,” have returned, most of whom had not acted before, including Kabrina Adams, Dede Lovelace, Nina Moran, Rachelle Vinberg, and Ajani Russell.

“Betty” is directed by Crystal Moselle; executive produced by Crystal Moselle,

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