‘Big Mouth’ Confronted Sexual Harassment with ‘Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!’

For “Big Mouth” co-creators and childhood pals Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, “Disclosure,” the Michael Douglas/Demi Moore sexual harassment drama from 1994, played a big part, cinematically, in their sexual awakening as teenagers.

Resurrecting it as a provocative musical play for their animated sitcom became the perfect vehicle for embracing #MeToo and puberty — and earned them an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program.However, when Kroll first pitched “Disclosure the Movie: The Musical!,” he meant it as a joke — a placeholder until he found a better idea.

“I pitched it as an inappropriate example, but it stuck,” he said.

“It was weirdly topical.

This was after #MeToo had hit, and so we wanted to speak to sexual harassment in a way that ‘Big Mouth’ could attack as a musical idea.

We were both obsessed with those run of movies where Michael Douglas is ‘too sexy for his own good’ [including ‘tt0093010 autoFatal

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