Big Zuu Fronts BAFTA, Digital Cinema Media Emerging Talent Campaign – Global Bulletin

CampaignBAFTA and Digital Cinema Media (Dcm) have partnered on a cinema campaign, which premieres Aug.

19 across the U.K., to inspire the next generation of creative talent by showcasing the diverse range of skills and knowledge that goes into making award-winning films, games and television.

The campaign revolves around a national cinema-ad produced by Dcm’s creative arm Dcm Studios narrated by double BAFTA-winner Big Zuu.The ad features actor Tom Hiddleston opening a BAFTA envelope to reveal an unidentified winner, with Big Zuu asking the audience: “If it’s your name in that envelope, who do you thank?” Behind-the-scenes content and clips from films including “Skyfall,” “Get Out” and “1917,” celebrate cast and crew behind the camera to encourage budding creative talent to see themselves in a future screen industries role.

It ends with the message: “There are a lot of people behind every BAFTA.

You could be one of them.

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