Bill Hader Wanted Stephen Root To Be A Sexy Raven In Barry Season 4 [Exclusive]

This post contains mild spoilers for the “Barry” series finale.Over the course of his lengthy and varied career, Stephen Root has proven himself to be a consummate character actor; not just someone reliable and hard-working, but a true chameleon, darting in and out of disparate genres and roles.As a result, it’s incredibly difficult to choose a definitive Root character — there are some he’s more famous for, like his creepy predator in “Get Out” or his eccentric billionaire in “Newsradio.” Yet there are numerous other appearances of his that are just as beloved if not more so.Throughout his resume, however, one doesn’t see too many sexy, virile, crime lord assassin characters.

That’s all changed thanks to “Barry” and the series star, Bill Hader, who in this fourth and final season of the show has transformed Root’s Monroe Fuches into the mysterious, intimidating, and — yes — sexy jailbird, the Raven.

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