Bill Maher Blasts Academy’s New Diversity Rules: They Should Call Best Picture ‘Most Worthy’

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ new metrics for inclusion — which call for Best Picture contenders to check a certain number of boxes to meet diversity requirements — have been hotly debated since announcing on September 8.

While some argue this levels the playing field to allow for more diverse creators to make their stories known, others say this tampers with creative expression.

The bylaws’ detractors include Bill Maher, who on “Real Time” Friday night argued against what he calls forcing artists to abide by a “to-do list,” but he also turned to the Academy’s history to suggest that gestures toward diversity, however hollow, have been there all along.

Watch below.“Have you watched the Oscars this century? This seems like a case of washing a glass that’s already been through the dishwasher,” Maher said, rattling off a list of “diverse” Best Picture nominees and winners that include “Green Book,

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