Bill Pullman Revisits ‘Independence Day’ For An Important Message on ‘Freedom Masks’

Bill Pullman’s decades-long acting career has provided him plenty of memorable roles, from Lone Starr in “Spaceballs” to Jack Callaghan in “While You Were Sleeping,” to Dr.

James Harvey in “Casper.” Currently, he stars as Detective Harry Ambrose on USA Network’s “The Sinner.” But perhaps no role has been more memorable for Pullman than his role as Thomas J.

Whitmore, President of the United States in the 1996 Roland Emmerich blockbuster “Independence Day.”Of course, the only thing more memorable for Pullman than the role itself is the titular Independence Day speech he recites during the film’s riveting finale.

The power and authority of the speech could explain why the Alamo Drafthouse enlisted the help of “the most presidential actor of our time” for a freedom-celebrating, mask-touting PSA this weekend.

Because if you’re going to celebrate in a pandemic, why not celebrate safely, right?The first “Independence Day

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