‘Billions’ Review: Season 5 Spins Its Wheels Without Much Juice in ‘Beg, Bribe, Bully’

Everyone’s a little off their game in Season 5 of “Billions,” the no-holds-barred financial drama that once transcended its more ludicrous deliverables by sweetening the deal with big thrills and sharp fangs.

Squandering much of the good will built up by its rip-roaring first four seasons, so far Season 5 is off to a disjointed and rocky start.

With Axe (Damian Lewis) and Chuck (Paul Giamatti) back at odds after temporarily making peace, “Billions” seems stuck in neutral.

The first three episodes have provided some of the bark but way less of the bite that made early “Billions” the down-and-dirty joy ride it once was.

“Beg, Bribe, Bully” may seal the show’s fate as officially over the hill.The episode opens with little ginger Gordie Axelrod (Jack Gore) making his daddy proud by designing and launching his own bitcoin farm out of his prep school dormitory, promptly shutting down power to the entire town.

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