‘Billions’ Review: Sex-Positive Episode ‘Contract’ Brings Some Much-Needed Heat

It’s a tried-and-true method, in life and TV: When things get dull, just add sex.

After four underwhelming episodes, mostly spent exhaustingly establishing new rivalries and schemes that hardly raise an eyebrow, the writers of “Billions” have finally delivered at least some of the goods that have recently been in short supply.

The fifth episode of the season, “Contract,” advances new romantic entanglements for recently divorced Wendy (Maggie Siff) and Chuck (Paul Giamatti).Since the groundwork had been carefully laid for both assignations, both were consummated without much fanfare or build-up.

Still, as anyone who’s been through a dry spell will tell ya — it’s better than nothin’.“Contract” begins with Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon) and Wendy teaming up to launch an impact fun within Axe Capital, later revealed to be named Taylor Mason Carbon.

Taylor is an active presence in the season so far, but their character

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