‘Bird Box’ Review: Netflix’s Sandra Bullock Thriller Is So Intense You’ll Want to Cover Your Eyes — AFI Fest

If ever you find yourself trying to survive the end of the world, don’t look to Malorie (Sandra Bullock) for an inspiring pep talk.

Bird Box” begins with her telling two small children to do exactly as she says if they want to survive, with the most important lesson being to never remove their blindfolds — if they look at it, they will die.

We won’t know what it is for some time, but the urgency in her voice comes across to us just as clearly as it does to Boy and Girl (the meaning of whose names — or lack thereof — will likewise be made clear in time).Bullock convincingly transforms herself into a gritty survivalist in Susanne Bier’s gripping thriller, which brings to mind everything from “The Road” to “The Happening” as it carves a space for itself in the post-apocalyptic canon.

She’s joined in the ensemble by Trevante Rhodes,

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