‘Black Adam’ Hits 250 Million at Global Box Office, ‘Ticket to Paradise’ Flies Past 100 Million

Black Adam” has crossed 250 million in global ticket sales after 10 days on the big screen.

That’s a solid result, one that improves upon another recent DC spinoff, 2021’s “The Suicide Squad” (which tapped out with 168 million globally while playing simultaneously on HBO Max in North America), but the comic book adventure still has ways to go to justify its reported 195 million budget.The DC standalone superhero story, starring Dwayne Johnson, added 39 million from 76 overseas markets, bringing its international tally to 139 million.

In North America, where the Warner Bros.

film has secured the top spot for two weeks in a row, ticket sales stand at 111 million.

Other top-earning territories include the United Kingdom with 15.3 million, Mexico with 9.3 million, Brazil with 8.4 million and France with 8.2 million.

“Black Adam” opens in Japan on Dec.

2.In another box office milestone, “Ticket to Paradise” surpassed 100 million globally, including 85.7 million from overseas territories.

Universal’s rom-com,

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