‘Black Water: Abyss’ Review: Killer Crocodile Sequel Feasts on Fresh Meat

The combination of claustrophobia, darkness, murky water and one big crocodile adds up to a decently scary time in “Black Water: Abyss,” Andrew Traucki’s belated followup to the abyss-less 2007 original he co-directed with David Nerlich.

This time, the tasty humans are trapped in an underground cavern during a flash flood, making for a situation that’s unpleasant even before they discover they’ve got reptilian company.While perhaps not as memorable as some of the movies it might remind you of (like “The Descent” and “Pitch Black”), this is still a tense thriller that nicely exploits a formulaic nature it doesn’t quite transcend.

One of the first rollouts in several countries’ newly re-opened theaters abroad, “Abyss” will be releasing to U.S.

drive-ins and on demand as of Aug.

7.The first “Black Water” was a sleeper success primarily in home formats, its big-screen exposure probably hobbled by the

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