‘Black Widow’ Grossed $215 Million This Weekend, but Theaters Need More

As expected, Disney’s “Black Widow” had the biggest domestic opening gross since the start of the pandemic; less expected, the $80 million opening was $10 million below initial estimates.

However, to focus on that is to bury the lede: Saturday’s domestic sales were off 41 percent from the initial Thursday preview/Friday total and the studio reported that worldwide, first-weekend Premium VOD rentals brought in $60 million.“Black Widow” took in $210 million so far via all platforms, but the return to Disney is approximately $135 million — estimate an average global share of 50 percent on theatrical revenues, 100 percent of PVOD revenue, and an unknown benefit from the value of Disney+ subscriptions.

For theaters, that $210 million haul translated to about $75 million.“Black Widow” was never going to have the appeal of “The Avengers,” nor the breakout interest of “Black Panther.” In the Marvel world, it is more akin to the “Ant-Man” films.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

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