‘Blue Story’ Behind the Scenes: How Director Andrew Onwubolu Used Rap to Evoke the Grit of London Street Gangs

The movie “Blue Story” tells the story of warring gangs in Southeast London through a unique lens — that of Andrew Onwubolu, aka Rapman, who makes the transition from rapper to director with his feature debut.Onwubolu has been on the U.K rap scene since 2013 and has worked with the likes of Margs and J.


In 2018, he uploaded a three-part trilogy to YouTube, “Shiro’s Story,” based on his own life and growing up in the inner city areas of London.

The series racked up over 20 million streams and even caught the attention of Jay-Z, who later signed Onwubolu to Roc Nation.His rise to stardom was a fast one, but long before he made “Shiro’s Story,” he had written “Blue Story,” and this was just as determined to tell more inspired by his own experiences.In the Paramount film, now streaming on Amazon Prime, two boys, Marco

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