Blumhouse Taps Issa López to Write, Direct ‘Our Lady of Tears’

Blumhouse is developing “Our Lady of Tears,” a film based on a recent article about a mass hysteria epidemic that spread through an all-girls boarding school.Issa López (“Tigers Are Not Afraid”) is set to write and direct the film.

The project is an adaptation of a story published by Epic Magazine and Vox and written by Daniel Hernandez.

The outbreak, which may have had supernatural roots, took place at a strict Catholic school on the outskirts of Mexico City and afflicted a group of young women who came from impoverished families.Blumhouse is the producer of such horror hits as “Get Out,” “Us,” and “The Purge.” Epic’s journalism has inspired a number of big and small screen projects, including the Oscar-winning “Argo.”“The moment I read the Epic article, I knew I wanted to tell this story,” Lopez said in a statement.

“I myself attended a Catholic school in Mexico City.

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