Bobcat Goldthwait: ‘There is no cancel culture’

The outspoken comedian, actor and director talks about the state of comedy, his late friend Robin Williams and why Jerry Seinfeld has a problem with himThese days, Bobcat Goldthwait prefers not to do the voice.

Anyone who knows his name probably knows that voice, a guttural yowl that makes him sound like a cartoon character being smashed with an oversized mallet.

It made the comedian, film-maker and actor a star during his tenure in the Police Academy films back in the 80s, but no one wants to be reduced to a bit, and so he retired the quasi-persona in 2018.“It was a decision I made,” Goldthwait tells the Guardian on a phone call from Los Angeles.

“I went back on the road after directing the Kimmel show, and I wasn’t looking forward to it … The voice didn’t suit me.

But I know people, they’ve worked hard

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