Bond 25’s Reported Working Title Is ‘Shatterhand’ — Here’s What It Means for 007

The movie world is abuzz now that Bond 25 reportedly has a working title: “Shatterhand.” The title was first spotted by The Guardian in the industry publication Production Weekly, which also reports the movie will begin production at Britain’s legendary Pinewood studios on April 6.

While film journalists are already starting to drag how foolish “Shatterhand” sounds, the title is not as random as it appears.In Ian Fleming’s 12th Bond novel “You Only Live Twice,” released in 1964, Dr.

Guntram Shatterhand is the alias used by the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

The novel culminates in a duel between Bond and Blofeld that ends with an enraged 007 strangling the villain to death with his bare hands.

“You Only Live Twice” was already adapted into a James Bond movie, the 1967 Sean Connery entry directed by Lewis Gilbert, so it’s unlikely Bond 25 will use the source material — though Roald Dahl

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