‘Bondmania’: cinemas hire extra staff for No Time To Die release

Daniel Craig’s delayed last outing expected to be second-biggest Bond film in UK box offices, after SkyfallHow long can James Bond resist the call of a TV spin-off?Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007 is expected to be the biggest opening weekend at the British box office since Avengers: Endgame more than two years ago, as cinemas hire hundreds of extra staff to cope with “Bondmania”.Advance ticket sales have put No Time to Die on track to be the second-highest grossing film in the 59-year-old franchise after it finally gets its world public premiere on 30 September.

It follows an almost 18-month delay and four release date changes, and cinema owners are pulling out all the stops to sate demand with the film to be screened in more than 700 cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

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