‘Boss Level’ Review: A Welcome Return from Joe Carnahan Is Also the Star Vehicle Frank Grillo Deserves

It’s been nearly seven years since Joe Carnahan’as last film, but the stylistic hallmarks of his work remain unmistakable.

The director of muscular genre fare has always had a feel for composition and camera movement a cut above some of his peers.

In movies like “Smokin’ Aces” and “The Grey,” he achieved a level of impressionistic immersion through rapid editing, but never sacrificed clarity and continuity — the action in his movies always makes spatial sense, even if it’s the camera bobbing above the whitecaps of a roaring river, as Liam Neeson gets half-drowned in some deadly rapids.That knack for clarity and continuity makes Carnahan an ideal fit for a time-loop movie.

And “Boss Level,” a passion project he’s been developing since at least 2012, is a solid one.

Frank Grillo stars as Roy, an ex-Special Forces badass so committed to tracking down evildoers in the line

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