Box Office: ‘Invisible Man’ Materializes With $1.7 Million on Thursday Night

Universal’s “The Invisible Man” materialized with $1.7 million at 2,850 North American locations on Thursday night.“The Invisible Man” is expected to earn north of $20 million this weekend when it opens in 3,610 theaters across North America.

Independent box office tracking services estimate ticket sales could wind up closer to $30 million since word of mouth has been strong.

“The Invisible Man,” produced by Blumhouse, is already heading toward profitability, given its modest $7 million budget.The movie could also pick up steam at the international box office, where it’s debuting in 39 overseas markets, including Mexico and the United Kingdom.Leigh Whannell, the co-creator of the “Saw” franchise, wrote and directed “The Invisible Man.” It’s a modern-day take on the 1933 Claude Rains film, based on H.


Wells’ novel.

Moss stars as a woman who’s convinced that she’s being hunted by her violent ex-husband, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

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